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Roche is committed to collaborating with healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes and the quality use of medicines
Roche believes that the scientific exchange of ideas and knowledge is fundamental to driving improvements in patient outcomes and the quality use of medicines. Our engagement and collaborations with healthcare professionals and health-related organisations are built on a common set of values of integrity, maintenance of independence, respect, equity, transparency and mutual benefit.

Our engagement with healthcare professionals ensures that our standards remain high, that healthcare professionals prescribe and administer our medicines and diagnostic products correctly and that patients understand the associated benefits and risks.

Roche interacts with healthcare professionals to evolve the healthcare ecosystem in Aotearoa New Zealand, to educate on how to prescribe and administer our medicines and diagnostics products correctly and to ensure that patients are supported with information to understand a medicine’s role in managing their disease, including benefits and risks.

Each year Roche supports healthcare professionals to attend independent local and international conferences. Conferences are a vital means by which healthcare professionals exchange scientific and clinical information. Local healthcare association conferences, often supported by Roche, provide a platform by which healthcare professionals share knowledge, network with each other and enhance their medical expertise. Likewise, attendance at international conferences by New Zealand healthcare professionals is a key part of ensuring Aotearoa New Zealand remains current with international best practice in healthcare delivery.

We also provide educational grants to healthcare organisations, who support their individual members to develop their healthcare expertise further.

Roche also supports the clinical and scientific community through the provision of two grants – the  in partnership with the  and the  in partnership with the .

Roche also convenes clinical and scientific meetings here in Aotearoa New Zealand to educate and inform healthcare professionals about our medicines and services together with gathering advice on how best to ensure New Zealanders benefit from our medicines.

Healthcare professionals may be engaged and paid to speak or provide expert advice in these local meetings.

In line with the  and the Roche Products (New Zealand) Ltd strongly supports openness and transparency on the transfers of value made to healthcare professionals, with the aim of increasing trust and confidence in the pharmaceutical industry.

A summary of the support (both direct and indirect) or payments that Roche provided to individual healthcare professionals is available here :

Supporting healthcare professionals in this way will evolve the healthcare ecosystem and improve the quality use of medicines in Aotearoa New Zealand, ultimately benefiting patient care.

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