At Roche, we believe that children in need everywhere deserve a helping hand towards a brighter future. That's why, every June, our employees around the world join forces for the Roche Children's Walk. At Roche sites around the world, including New Zealand, employees raise awareness and funds for the children most in need of support, and the company matches all contributions.

In New Zealand, 50% of funds raised are channelled through the Roche Employee Action and Charity Trust (Re&Act), a legally independent charity. Re&Act partners with a variety of non-governmental organisations to support children’s programmes in developing countries, such as in Malawi, Ethiopia, Nepal and the Philippines. The other 50% of the funds raised go to local children’s charities, including Foster Hope and the Starship Foundation.

Foster Hope helps kids transition into new foster care homes with a backpack full off essentials including toothbrushes, toys, undies and more. They believe that every child in care deserves to know that their community cares about them.

The Starship Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Starship Children’s Hospital. The Foundation invests in impact programs which focus on equity to ensure no child is left behind, and prevention to keep our children safe and healthy in the community.