Our engagement with healthcare professionals ensures that our marketing standards remain high, that healthcare professionals prescribe and administer our medicines and diagnostic products correctly and that patients understand the associated benefits and risks.

Roche's interactions with healthcare professionals are focused on the provision or exchange of scientific information. We engage with them through:

  • Education and development programmes for opinion leaders
  • Clinical research associates who collect data that informs our clinical development programmes
  • Advisory boards with opinion leaders for feedback on our development programmes
  • Advisory boards with specialists, nurses and patients who help us understand the place for our medicine in NZ

Scientific and clinical conferences are a vital means by which healthcare professionals exchange scientific and clinical information. Continued attendance at international conferences by New Zealand's healthcare professionals is a key part of ensuring New Zealand remains current with international best practice standards in its healthcare delivery. Likewise, the convening of local conferences provides a platform by which healthcare professionals share knowledge, network with each other and enhance their medical expertise.

Each year Roche sponsors a number of clinicians and other healthcare professionals to attend international conferences. We also provide non-restricted grants to convene clinical and scientific conferences, workshops and training days here in New Zealand.

Roche also supports the clinical and scientific community through the provision of two grants – the Hanns Mohler Doctoral Scholarship in partnership with the Brain Health Research Centre and the Roche Translational Cancer Research Fellowship in partnership with the New Zealand Society of Oncology. 

Supporting healthcare professionals in this way supports best in class healthcare delivery, ultimately benefiting New Zealand patients.