Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an integral part of a new drug or diagnostic discovery and development process. Before a new medicine or diagnostic assay can be made available, evidence of its safety and effectiveness must be provided by clinical studies in healthy volunteers and/or patients.

Clinical Research in New Zealand

At any one time, over 40 Roche clinical trials are running in New Zealand. Our trials cover a range of diseases such as cancer (various solid tumour types and cancers of the blood), multiple sclerosis, haemophilia, and asthma and other diseases of the lung.

Aside from advancing medical knowledge towards the discovery of new treatments, clinical trials bring many benefits to patients and healthcare professionals. Many New Zealanders are participating in Roche clinical trials, benefits of which include:

  • Access to a novel treatment before it is widely available or access to the global gold standard comparator (which may not be freely available in New Zealand)
  • Close medical oversight and regular access to study nurses and physicians
  • Close monitoring of adverse events
  • Provision of care within a health care facility committed to providing and improving best practice

All clinical trials involve potential ethical issues and risks. Here at Roche, we work closely with New Zealand’s ethical and regulatory bodies to manage these risks and the potential impact on patients. For further information and in order to understand the principles by which we are bound, please visit our Global Clinical Trials website: Global Clinical Trials

If you are a Healthcare Professional and would like further information on the Roche clinical trial process here in New Zealand, please click here: Roche+.