Our Focus

At Roche we focus on developing medicines and diagnostics that will help patients live longer, better lives - from early detection and prevention of disease, to diagnosis, treatment and treatment monitoring. Find more information at Cancer Info

Paid Medication

There are a number of medicines in New Zealand, supplied by Roche and other pharmaceutical companies that are not publicly funded by PHARMAC which means members of the New Zealand public will have to pay for this medication.

Access to Medicine Everywhere

Roche New Zealand are committed to helping people get access to our medicines wherever possible. We have developed a number of patient access programmes to help with the cost of unfunded medicines for those New Zealanders that need these lifesaving and life extending medicines.

The programmes are designed to help reduce the cost of medicines which are not funded by the Government’s drug-buying agency, PHARMAC.

Cutting Edge

This makes these cutting edge medicines more widely available to the New Zealand public and also allows doctors in New Zealand to have access to the most innovative medicines, often seen as standard of care in the rest of the developed world.